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With volatility having made its return to equity markets, many investors are feeling anxious. Equity market pullbacks are expected to become more frequent and the correlation between equities and bonds is rising. As a result, additional layers of downside protection have become crucial in what is an increasingly complex market environment.

It’s for that reason that WP has decided to host a webinar that will educate advisors on how to effectively safeguard client portfolios. In the webinar, Alexandre Hocquard and Tim Hylton from Fiera Capital will explain their strategy for protecting capital in down-market events.

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About the instructors

  • Alexandre Hocquard, Ph.D.

    Alexandre Hocquard, Ph.D.

    Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Systematic Investment Strategies

    Alexandre Hocquard is Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager of Fiera Capital’s Systematic Investment Strategies (SIS) team. He oversees the management of several systematic investment and market risk management strategies.

    Mr. Hocquard has 11 years of experience in the investment field and joined the Firm in 2016. He previously held positions as Lead Portfolio Manager, Customized Systematic and Quantitative Strategies, with major investment management firms. He also worked as a Portfolio Manager, Alternative Strategies, for a Canadian institution.

    Mr. Hocquard holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Quantitative Methods from HEC Montréal and has published several scientific papers in university and institutional journals.

  • Timothy Hylton

    Timothy Hylton

    CIM, CFA, Senior Vice President and Head of Client Service, Institutional Markets

    Tim Hylton is a member of the Institutional Markets team and works closely with the Canadian Equity and Global Equity teams.

    Mr. Hylton has 25 years of industry experience and has been with the firm and a predecessor since 1992. Prior experiences include positions as Canadian Large Cap, Small Cap, and U.S. Equity Portfolio Manager.

    Mr. Hylton graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and completed a Level 1 certification in the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) program. He also obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Learn how to effectively safeguard your client portfolios.

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